San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders on Lost Ridge Trail

Hiking trails and nature trails as of 06/Oct/2020 -- The CAMPGROUND ARE OPEN

Volunteers and paid construction crews have been restoring the hiking and nature trails in the Crystal Lake camp grounds. All of the hiking trails within the campground and surrounding the campground are in excellent and safe condition.

TO REPORT TRAIL PROBLEMS and to get them scheduled for repair, please email us to us know what trail problems exist and we will let you know when they have been fixed -- if they can be. Photographs and possibly GPS coordinates for trail problems sent to us are a big help.

Download a trail map here and then print a copy. Copies of this map are available for free at the Visitor Center though the news stand out front may be empty. Inside when the Center is open there are more.

For a color map that also shows the trails, CLICK HERE and notice that there is a trail called "Wawona" which often does not appear on maps.

During the year the Trailbuilders continue to maintain all of the hiking and nature trails within the Crystal Lake basin unless there is too much snow on the ground to make maintenance possible.

Start of many trails

In addition to the established trails, hikers can also pack water and walk up to the old Mount Saint Hawkins>fire watch tower which burned down to the ground in the last series of fires. The dirt road up to the destroyed fire tower is currently in "damaged" condition at one point where a major washout has taken place. Because the road has been officially abandoned, the condition of the road is expected to deteriorate over the coming years until much of it simply disappears.

Site map is at: Crystal Lake site map

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