Highway 39 at the narrow point -- with construction

Road Conditions as of 06/Oct/2020 -- The CAMPGROUND ARE OPEN

The road has closed due to the Bobcat Fire.

Bicycle riders, hikers, joggers, and long-distance runners are on Highway 39 all the way from the bottom of the mountain in Azusa to the top of the mountain at Angeles Crest Highway (2) so people driving cars need to be careful to see and avoid everyone else using the highway since there have been a fairly high number of deaths on the road this year.

Caltrans is the local agency which is responsible for maintaining Highway 39, and the plowing of snow from the highway is also that organization's responsibility

Highway 39 ends at a Caltrans gate about 1 mile North of the Crystal Lake turn-off. Another 7 miles of Highway 39 is closed to all vehicles except for emergency vehicles. The closed section eventually meets up with Angeles Crest Highway (Highway 2) however the only access is on foot or on bicycle, cars are not allowed on the closed section because the highway remains damaged.

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