An endless list of photographs as of 06/Oct/2020 -- The CAMPGROUND ARE OPEN

Crystal Lake Parking Level 1 -- Highest level. All together the Crystal Lake parking levels can hold possible as much as 30 or 40 vehicles.

Crystal Lake Parking Level 2 -- New bear-proof trash containers have been installed at all levels of the Crystal Lake parking area.

Crystal Lake Parking Level 3 --

Crystal Lake Parking Level 4 --

Crystal Lake Parking Level 5 -- Lowest level

-- Bayonet Yucca is very common in the San Gabriel Mountains. This is the Lake Road trailhead of the Lost Ridge Trail which has been fully repaired and made mostly safe by the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders.

The US Forest Service Visitor Center -- Still needs some clean up and restoration work inside and out needs to be done.

The Lake Trail -- connects the main road to the Lake Road. The condition of this trail is not known.

Deer Flats -- The trash containers around the group campground are not bear proof however the area is in good shape.

Sunset Ridge Nature Trail -- The short nature trail that is currently being restored, located in the Deer Flats group campgrounds.

Sunset Ridge -- Members of the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders currently working on widening the existing trail and leveling the parts that have been flooded out. Also brush and rocks are moved to make the trail hikeable in relative safety.

Sunset Ridge -- Part of the finished trail toward the beginning of the hike. This trail is an excellent one for families who would find a nice short hike toward the end of the day worth the exercise.

Wrap Around 1 -- This is the first photograph of ten in the series which offers a wrap-around view of what it looks like standing on the Sunset Ridge Nature Trail.

Wrap Around 2 -- Looking almost East at this point in the wrap-around view.

Wrap Around 3 -- A camera click to the right.

Wrap Around 4 -- One more camera click to the right and we're looking approximately South.

Wrap Around 5 -- Another step to the right and we're looking toward the general direction of the main Crystal Lake campgrounds, hidden below and behind the mountain we're on.

Wrap Around 6 -- Looking about due West. Mike who volunteers with the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders walks through the trail under repair, removing burned branches which can constitute a safety hazard to hikers.

Wrap Around 7 -- A step to the right and we get to see some of the flora that inhabits the area. Much has been burned however the Deer Flat Campgrounds was almost entirely saved by fire fighters who concentrated their air drops in this area.

Wrap Around 8 -- Another step to the right and we're looking about due North, through a stand of brush and trees.

Wrap Around 9 -- Another step to the right takes us almost to the point where we started looking around.

Wrap Around 10 -- Back to where we started, or there abouts.

Rock Rings -- Two rings of rock are located on a section of the Sunset Ridge Nature Trail toward the start of the hike.

Rock Shrine -- And located behind the two rnigs of rock is a bit of a shrine where once there was a brass plate with the name and (presumably) birth and death dates of someone. The brass plate has been recovered and is being researched, the last I heard.

Earth First! -- Damn right! The Deer Flats water tank sounds like it's currently empty of water, and an examination of the water distribution network above ground in the group campgrounds shows that there's some minor repairs that need to be done.

A view from the water tank -- I climbed to the top of the water tank at Deer Flats to see if I could locate a tresspasser who was illegally hunting in the area. The guy passed under me and then fled and dropped to the ground somewhere nearby while I climbed down to "talk" with the guy.

Deer Flats camp site -- The group campsites at Deer Flats are large ad contain a number of fire rings and tables as well as contain water from a pipe.

Fees -- Here's a photograph of the sign showing what the parking fees and such are as of around the year 2002. There's no telling what the entry fees might be if the grounds ever open up again.

Coldbrook Campsite -- Here's the main entry to the campgrounds including a borrowed bicycle. The camp grounds contain 25 sites, most with parking.

Coldbrook Campsite -- Heyduke Lives! The sign board out in front of the campgrounds has sported this sign for about two years now.

Coldbrook Campsite -- A picture of one of the typical camp sites.

Coldbrook Campsite -- Another picture of a typical camp site including the parking slot for the site.

Coldbrook Campsite -- Water from Coldbrook Creek goes right through the center of the campgrounds. Though the United States Forest Service warns against people drinking the water up there, I have drunk this water for over 20 years without any adverse effects -- that I'm aware of.

Coldbrook Campsite -- Here's a look up stream. The area is around 3200 feet altitude yet there are also bears at times.

My Old Bicycle -- Here's a picture of my single-speed bicycle and my backpack among other things. This bicycle survived many years of heavy use before the rear axel assembly broke apart on the way down the mountain one night, putting me on foot for 25 miles.

My Tent and bicycle -- My tent parked along a tree over at the Environmental Education Center at Rincon.

Another tent and bicycle -- Another photograph of my tent and bicycle while I'm campped next to the Environmental Education Center.

Windy Gap trail -- A trailhead marker for Windy Gap nature trail.

Mount St. Hawkins South -- This is a good satellite photograph of the Mount St. Hawkins South area and the road way which is currently closed. There is a heliport up there.

Rincon Fire Station -- This is a good satellite photograph of the Rincon Fire Station located about 12 miles South of the Crystal Lake Recreation Area along Highway 39.

Site map is at: Crystal Lake site map

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