Deer Flats Group Campground

Group Camping at Deer Flats as of 06/Oct/2020 -- The CAMPGROUND ARE OPEN

Many people email this web site for information on how to reserve the group campground area for fairly large number of people, however sadly the Group Campgrounds can not be reached by vehicle, the Forest Service has not fully re-opened the Recreation Area.

Currently the Deer Flats Campgrounds are in good condition with very little flood damage and no fire damage. The road from the main Crystal Lake campgrounds to Deer Flats is often covered with large rocks that must be cleared ahead of you as you drive however the gate is closed and locked which means that people are not able to drive from the main campgrounds in to the Deer Flats area, one must walk or ride their bikes.

Once the Group Campgrounds are re-opened, large groups of people might possibly arrange things with the U. S. Forest Service to have larger gatherings up in the Deer Flats Campgrounds which are located perhaps a quarter of a mile above the main grounds at an elevation that's about 500 or 600 feet higher than the main grounds. Since Deer Flats is currently closed, however, it is a good idea to not bother calling the Forest Service to see about using the area at this time.

The Deer Flats Group Campgrounds are situated such that large and noisy groups that might stay up and make noise all night might not bother and annoy other campers. Drumming and other big noises, however, does carry very well in the canyon.

There used to be water brought to all of the camp grounds at Deer Flats, drawing water from the tank located at North 34 degrees, 20.126 by West 117 degrees, 50.189 at 6452 feet however the water is not running and the condition of the pipes and faucets is unknown but repairs are neede. Each camping spot has anywhere from three to six fire rings or BBQ boxes, and most have three of four tables.

Sunset Ridge Nature Trail which has its trailhead located at Deer Flats is very short, good for families to walk during the evening, however the trail has some dead trees obstructing the trail right now. Sunset Ridge is a good late-evening hike for all of the family to enjoy. It forms a fairly short loop -- less than a quarter of a mile.

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