Last updated: 06/Oct/2020 -- The CAMPGROUND ARE OPEN

The first 2.3 miles of the trail did not burn during the Bobcat Fire, however the other 8 miles of the trail burned during the Bobcat Fire, that includes the West side of Smith Mountain, the camgrounds at Lower Bear Creek, all the way to West Fork Road.

Upper Bear Creek Trail can be found on Highway 39 (a.k.a. Azusa Blvd a.k.a. San Gabriel Canyon) around mile post 32.5 behind a small toilet facility at the Valley of te Moon parking lot where a small wood sign shows the name of the trail and approximate distances to points of interest for hikers.

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The trail has required a fair amount of repair over the years and since the reail is well loved, this web page is offered to describe what the current state of the trail is.

There were reports of considerable water damage to one section of the trail along the first mile, coupled with extensive rock slides at a number of places which made passage difficult or hazardous. One large 5,000 pound boulder was down on the trail approximatly at around 2.25 miles from the trail-head.

On 15/January/2011 the San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders managed to fix all of the major problems with 14 volunteers working approximatly 7.5 hours, leaving the first 2.5 miles in excellent condition and the remaining distance to Smith Mountain Saddle in good condition.

Right now the trail is good to go, all the way from the trail-head to Smith Mountain Saddle.

The trail heading from the Saddle in to the Designated Wilderness still needs a considerable amount of repair to make the trail visible and marked. Entry from Smith Mountain Saddle in to the Wilderness and down to the Southern lower altitudes to the West Fork trail-head is frought with poison oak, parts of trail missing, other parts of the trail not easily visible, yet still hikable despite the liklyhood of downed trees across the trail.

Anyone who has hiked the trail recently and would like to report problems, please do so at the email address offered below -- with our thanks!


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