Crystal Lake Amphitheater as 06/Oct/2020 -- Did not burn in the Bobcat Fire

The Amphitheater's location is North 34 degrees, 19.313 by West 117 degrees, 50.023 at 5642 feet.

VIDEO: Click to see video of the amphitheater with snow starting to come down.

The facility has been fully restored! The electrical system at the facility has been reworked and some of the concrete has been dug up and has been replaced. Though there used to be drinking water and electricity at the facility, the drinking water has not been repaired and the electricity has not been fully brought back to the facility, and there does not appear to be any expected further repairs to the electric system.

There is some damage to the railing along the sidewalk that needs to be fixed, that's on the list of things to do. Over time the railing continues to be vandalized as people break off pieces for fire wood -- except that the wood will not burn, it is chemically treated so we're left with railing that disappears anyway.

The structure shown in the photograph is in remarkably good condition. It was built a long time ago as part of the Civilian Conservation Corps projects back during the New Deal, as I've been told, though I really don't know exactly when it was built. There are old time photographs of the facility on this web site which you can find by clicking on the link to the right.

The Amphitheater is often used for lectures about the flora and fauna of the San Gabriel Mountains, as well as for discussions about the history of Crystal Lake Camp Ground. The structure is also used by Boy Scouts and other groups. In the Summer it can get pretty hot in the thing, but it's a great place for night time gatherings.


There is a very large dance studio above the amphitheater which is a large ruin now however it may be that electricity can be brought up to run lights and a sound system so that live music can be had on some special evenings, perhaps from 7:00 p.m. until midnight. Bluegrass, Country and Western, and good old Rock 'n Roll -- with occasional Classical and Big Band era jazz -- might be possible to have on some nights if arangements can be made with the USFS.

Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman performed at the studio at times and, of course, "singing cowboys" from the Hollywood-created myths at times came through the campgrounds and sang. Live music at the amphitheater and perhaps at the old dance studio would be very welcome for people who love to sit or dance under the stars with tiki torches and pole lighting during the Summer.

Live music is hopefully going to be started once the campgrounds get back in to fully operational status and electricity is brought bacck to the facility.

Since there will be a snack bar and hot kitchen operating across from the U.S. Forest Service at the Visitor Center, and because the kitchen has a very large hot dog wagon that is towed behind a pickup truck, having chilidogs with chopped onion and grated cheese while listening to music would be epic!

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