Crystal Lake

Highway 39 and Glendora Mountain Road are open all the way to Crystal Lake! The highway has recently been paved so the quality of the road is very good.

Currently over night camping at Crystal Lake is OPEN! Some of the roads going to specific camp sites are still closed so you must park along the road or at the parking lots and walk to your camp sites however over night camping is open! which is great news.

The lake was stock with fish 05/Mar/13 so right now you can get some fishing in! Be sure to purchase a fishing license!

Current fire danger: MODERATE

Welcome to the Crystal Lake Camp Grounds web site. Here you will find accurate and timely information about the status of the Crystal Lake Camp Ground Recreation Area, located in the San Gabriel Mountains within the Angeles National Forest, maintained and operated by the United States Forest Service.

The Crystal Lake Campgrounds are part of the Region 6 United States Forest Service and are not privately owned, American citizens own the forest and the campgrounds within the forest. Information about the region can be provided by the Forest Service by calling (626) 335-1251.

Facebook Also provided on this web site is information about the road conditions heading up to the recreation area, along with detailed information on what the Crystal Lake Trading Post offers to campers, hikers, bikers, fishers, and bicycle riders who visit.

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